This section would contain downloaded material related to Xiangqi. Upon moving the site, some of the older available downloads have not been carried over because of the limitations of the file size.

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Terms in English

 WXF article on English translations of Chinese Xiangqi terms. --> worth reading if you are serious about the game. This was obtained from the following url from the WXF at the following url: but the link seems to be broken.


Note: In 2018, the World Xiangqi Rules was published where it would become the official standard. Prior to 2018, the AXF Rules were the rules that were used in competition outside of China. While the AXF rules have become obsolete, they serve as the backbone for the development of Xiangqi and its rules. For competition in China, the CXA rules are used which is a much stricter version aimed at decreasing the number of draws. There are many variations of the CXA rules.
 AXF rules version 1, in English
 Another version of the AXF rules pdf version, in English pdf format. This was obtained from the AXF from this url:
 The Xiangqi rules in China (completely in Chinese ) .... 2011 Aug version. Click here ...

Xiangqi Utilities

 An English Manual on how to use CCBridge

Xiangqi Development

Xiangqi Development in China. 2017, 2019. This annual report is done by an independent body in China, 珠江文化,and reflects the delopments and progress of Xiangqi in China.

Xiangqi in German

German newsletter with a section on Xiangqi (p18) . Many thanks must be given to Dr Rene Gralla for sharing this! Click here ...

Xiangqi in French

 Mr Marc-Antoine NGUYEN, XiangQi International Master and author of , Xiang qi : l'univers des échecs chinois , has kindly shared this document by the French XiangQi Association regarding some of the games and openings played in 2005. It is in French.

Xiangqi in Italian

Brilliant articles on Xiangqi in Italian by Mr Antonio Barra! 1. Click here for article number 1 2. Click here for article number 2.

First created: April 2011
Last updated: 12th Oct 2019
1. Mr. Peter Sung of the WXF for allowing me to publish the various WXF articles,
2. Mr. Felix Tan
3. for the Xiangqi Rules in China , 2011 Aug version.
4. Georg Jeiter and Chris Hankinson for an international collaboration of efforts into making the short manual on the uses of CCBridge, perhaps the best Xq viewer available today. Georg is the most hardworking person I know of!
5. XiangQi Master Marc-Antoine Nguyen for sharing his insights into the game with his document from the French XiangQi. A million thanks! 

Play Xiangqi

A simple app to play Xiangqi on this site!

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