China A League 2003 Introduction

The Chinese A League began in 2003 as a team tournament and has evolved to become one of the premiere events in Xiangqi.
The first winner was the team from Shanghai.

The following is a incomplete list of games that the Webmaster has translated into English and Vietnamese. The list is incomplete because there were corrupt files. There should have been more than 360 matches that were played, including tie-breakers and championship matches. The Webmaster has only 335 matches.

There will be ten boards per page.

To make the website more functionable, the Webmaster has chosen to categorize and present them in terms of the openings that were played. You may also search for similar openings by using the ECCO codes which will open in a separate folder. Alternatively, click here for a short key to the ECCO codes.

These games have also been made into videos that have been uploaded to the website's Youtube Channel

China A League 2003:







































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