Xiangqi is perhaps the most popular board game that is played in the world. It is estimated that more people are playing Xiangqi then International Chess. Unfortunately, people who do not know the Chinese language had trouble with the language barrier.

The Webmaster has played the game of Xiangqi (or Chinese chess as it is more commonly known ) for the past 30 years. After graduating from med school, the Webmaster found some time to rekindle his love affair with Xiangqi.

In a nutshell, over ten years ago, when playing Xiangqi on www.itsyourturn.com, the Webmaster interacted with some of the Caucasians. They were very interested in Xiangqi but lamented on the fact that there was so little information on how to improve the game. They asked for tips here and there, and the Webmaster was more than willing to share the limited knowledge that he had. But my opponents kept asking for more. It was at this time that the Webmaster started to surf the net and found out that English articles or resources in Xiangqi were indeed very limited. There were some sites in English, maintained by many enthusiasts like myself, but the information available was still glaring.

Giving a short talk on Xiangqi HistoryAfter all, if there are a zillion websites on chess in various languages, why should there be so few sites on Xiangqi in English, when perhaps more people play the game? That was the initial spark that later gave birth to www.xqinenglish.com.

My level of Xiangqi is limited. The Webmaster is, at best, a club level player. He is neither a reporter nor a journalist. But the enthusiasm for Xiangqi is real and burning.

The goals of this website are simple:

  • To introduce the basics of Xiangqi, in English.
  • To share with non-Chinese speaking people the history, culture, and the beauty of Xiangqi.
  • To provide a platform where non-Chinese speakers can learn Xiangqi at their own pace through interactive boards.
  • To provide basic information about Xiangqi.
  • In summary, this website would be the website that the Webmaster wished he had when he first started out three decades ago.

Over the years, the Webmaster has added a Youtube Channel, a Twitter account, and a Facebook group page to help further my cause and realize my goals.

But why learn Xiangqi? Perhaps this article by Davide Nastasio can offer a solution.

The past decade of promoting Xiangqi has its ups and downs. But it is a journey that the Webmaster has never regretted. Many friends have been made and much encouragement has been given to the Webmaster. That is why, the Webmaster will plod on because xqinenglish.com is for you.