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Xiangqi in is ... learning, interacting and having fun with XiangQi aka Chinese Chess, in English that is. Content is added very frequently and there are now over 2000 pages ( as of Jan 2014), sharing the basic and finer points of the game.

Chinese Chess or XiangQi, is an ancient game that is deeply embedded in the Chinese culture. Millions have played the game across Asia for the past few centuries. It is fast paced, exciting, easy to learn, and intriguing. But for those not familiar with the Chinese language, XiangQi may seem daunting or even forbidding. I see no reason why the language barrier should deter those interested in the game from having fun.

This website was created to promote the intriguing game of Chinese chess to those who are interested but not familiar with the Chinese language.

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For visitors new to the site, please go to the "What's New" section on the menu bar to see what I have added. I try to add to the site at least five days per week, and only take holidays off once in a blue moon... LOL!

 Photo courtesy of Chris Hankinson. 
Ps: The man in the center with his hand touching his chin is me.
                                                           JUST JOKING!!!
Xiangqi in ancient times!

Xiangqi nowadays:EAST meets WEST!
Photo courtesy of Greg Thompson.

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