This category would introduce the English books that are available in English. As some visitors have requested, there will also be links to books in Chinese that can be bought online as they can be hard to buy when NOT living in China.

For bookworms, this section will introduce various books and publications in Xiangqi.

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The Webmaster considers Mr. Felix Tan to be a mentor who has helped him on many occasions during the past decade when he started his journey of promoting Xiangqi.
And today, I proudly share with all his first introductory book on Xiangqi, for which he has used pictograms to introduce the game. Mr. Felix Tan and the late Mr. Chan Fook Loi have been fierce proponents of Xiangqi using pictograms and I admire and applaud them for their grit in pursuing what they believe it.
That is why I was ecstatic when Mr. Tan told me he wanted to publish a short book (71 pages) introducing Xiangqi.
This my friends, is a collector's item that must be bought!