This section of the site would contain content on the following:

  • Basic Opening Theory,
  • Orthodox Opening Systems in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess),
  • Unorthodox Opening Systems, et cetera.

It would be a brief but fundamental introduction to the opening in Xiangqi.
The Webmaster would like to express his thanks to Master Yan Wenqing and Grandmaster Zhang Qiang for allowing me to use the content of their triology of books on opening theory. These three books are perhaps the most celebrated books on Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Opening theory and their tabiat; and they would serve as the backbone for a detailed learning of Xiangqi Opening Theory.

The Webmaster has created a series of videos based on their works and have tried his best to present interactive boards and their contents side by side for better learning. The visitor is encouraged to view the interactive boards while listening to the explanations in the videos and learn at his own pace.

These three books would serve as the backbone for a detailed analysis of Xiangqi Opening Theory.

Other material or content on the topic will be added in separate sections over time. This section would grow as the Webmaster would find new content to share with the English speaking Xiangqi lover.

Opening Basics Article Count:  12
Unorthodox Openings Overview Article Count:  1

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