Discussing the Probing Cannon Counter in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)

Author: Jim Png of www.xqinenglish.com

Note: This article first appeared on www.xiangqi.com

There are many unorthodox counters to the Central Cannon in Xiangqi. One of these counters is the Probing Cannon Counter which is a direct translation of its Chinese name 探头炮 tàn tóu pào.

The Probing Cannon Counter aims to apply discovered attacks early in the game. It often appears in games by beginners.

The author managed to find some material over the internet and analyzed it with his computer program. It has been some time since he studied an unorthodox opening. The following is a short discussion of the counter.

The following is a summary of the article:

Variation a:

Variation aa: 4aa. ....  P3+1

Variation ab: 4ab. ....  C2=5

Variation ac: 4ac. ....  E3+5

Variation b: 4b. ....  R2+4.

Variation ba: 4ba. ....  C8=1

Variation c: 4c. ....  E3+5

Variation ca: 5ca. ....  H2+3

Variation d: 4d. ....  H2+3

Variation e: 4e. ....  C2=5,

Variation f: 4f. ....  A6+5

Variation g: 4g. ....  C8=1

Variation h:

Variation i:

Variation j:


a) Points are given by the computer program to measure whether either one of the colors has the advantage or not. If Red has an advantage of 100 points, it would mean that Black would be -100 points. A Checkmate is >29000 points, and a winning position is >1000 points.

b) the article is presented as variations.



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