Plum Flower Springs 梅花泉 Volume 2 Board 01-10

The Plum Flower Springs Manual is another ancient classic that must be read by all enthusiast. It took the the Central Cannon vs. Screen Horse Defense Opening System one step further. Unlike earlier Plum Flower Manuals, where the games were lopsided in the favor of one color, the Plum Flower Springs Manual was quite even the moves. The Plum Flower Springs Manual is divided into three different volumes. Like the Secret in the Tangerine, there were discussions on the Central Cannon vs. Screen Horse Defense, the Same Direction Cannons, the Opposite Direction Cannons et cetera. There were also handicap games which made up of Volume 3. 

The Webmaster has translated and added comments for an indepth study of the ancient manual and published it into a book.

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This page would be introduce boards 11-14 in Volume 2.

  • Board 11 D04 Same Direction Cannons: Ranked chariot with 7th Pawn Advancement 7th file horse variation vs Filed chariot with A6+5 variation
  • Board 12 D04 Same Direction Cannons with 7th Pawn Advancement and 7th file horse variation vs Left Filed Riverbank Chariot with Rear Advisor (A4+5) variation
  • Board 13 B10 Central Cannon with File Chariot, Central Pawn Advancement and central linked horses Defeats Left Single Horse Defense
  • Board 14 D22 Same Direction Cannons: Filed chariot defeats Golden Roc Ranked Chariot Variation









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