GM Hu Ronghua's Sandwiched Horse Defense Treatise Chapter 08

In Chapter 8, Red would attack with the 56 Cannons with Left Proper Horse Variation which is one of the most commonly seen ways to attack the Sandwiched Horse Defense. It may look peaceful on the surface, but it contains a lot of deep currents. There is much more than meets the eye.

  • Board 1: Black Left Ranked Chariot Variation
  • Board 2: Black Right Ranked Chariot Variation
  • Board 3: Black plays P7+1
  • Board 4: Black 'Right 3 Step Tiger' (Edge Cannon and Right Chariot as Filed Chariot Variation)

The relevant Youtube videos have been embedded below.

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1. , 荣华. 夹炮屏风 反宫马布局研究. Hong Kong and Singapore : 香港业余象棋协会 新加坡北斗象棋研究会, 1983.

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