Introduction to Rare Openings in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)

Rare opening in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) would refer to unorthodox opening systems that are unorthodox. For a complete list of rare openings and counters in Xiangqi, please refer to As with other parts on the topic of Xiangqi Opening Systems, the ECCO Classification will be used.

In this section, which ECCO has given the tag 'A0x‘, there will be a brief introduction to each of the rare openings.

Table of Contents:

Chinese English  Move ECCO Tag
上仕局  Advisor opening A4+5/A6+5  A01
 边马局  Edge Horse Opening H2+1/H8+9  A02
 边炮局  Edge Cannon Opening C2=1/C8=9  A03
 巡河炮局  Riverbank Cannon Opening C2+2/C8+2  A04
 过河炮局  Cross-river Cannon Opening C2+3/C8+3
 兵底炮局  Thundering Cannon Opening C2=3/C8=7  A06
 金钩炮局  Golden Hooked Cannon Opening C2=7/C8=3  A07
边兵局 Edge Pawn Opening P1+1/P9+1



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