List of Videos showcasing History of Xiangqi

The following is a list of Youtube videos that the Webmaster has found showcasing various bits of the history of Xiangqi. Content will be added over time.

Note: The origins of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) and International Chess have been hotly debated for centuries.

  • Most Western historians/scholars believe that International Chess was born from Chaturanga, and Xiangqi was an offshoot.
  • Most Chinese historians believe that Xiangqi was born in China and that it somehow made its way into India to become International Chess.

However, to the Webmaster's knowledge, there has never been a conference whereby proponents of both hypothesis sat down and ironed out their differences.

As this website is mainly targeted at non-Chinese speaking Xiangqi enthusiasts, the videos from showcasing the Chinese arguments found on the web and Youtube would be presented. Many have English subtitles. English videos would also be slowly added if they contained bits of Xiangqi history.

The list would be slowly expanded. 


Chinese video on the origins of Xiangqi by the authorities at Xingyang China



CCTV report of a porcelain Xiangqi set from Northern Song Dynasty



A short video on the history of Xiangqi from Hu-nan Satellite TV.


TED Talk on the history of Chess with referral to Xiangqi




History of Chess (Short Documentary) with little referral to Xiangqi




Chinese video on the origins of the Cannon


Xiangqi Promotion in the early 1990s.



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