Book: Lan Ke Shen Ji

Yu Guozhu's Lan Ke Shen Ji was published in 1844AD and was a collection of 120 endgame compositions.

Compared with the other ancient manuals of its time, Lan Ke Shen Ji was relatively straightforward and simple, making it the perfect book for beginners to train their calculative skills in Xiangqi.
There have also been modifications of the problems by modern-day Xiangqi experts, and these modifications have been included to show and explain how the puzzle had intended to win. It would be an excellent choice for the Xiangqi lover to start learning how to make and modify his own endgame compositions. In the Webmaster's humble opinion, it would also be a nice place to start for endgame composers where modifications by Xie Xiaxun, Yang Mingzhong et cetera are shown to understand how the experts do it.
Finally, there has been much research that has been poured into the titles and their cultural significance. They have been added to allow the reader to appreciate the culture of Xiangqi better.


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