Seven Stances of the Cross Palace Cannon from Qiyi

The periodical Qiyi (《棋艺》) published a short series on the Cross Palace Cannon in the first decade of the 21st century. Past Chinese National Xiangqi champions were interviewed and gave their opinions on different variations of the Cross Palace Cannon against various counters.

The comments were insightful and the Webmaster learned a few lessons here and there.
Some abbreviations:
CPC= Cross Palace Cannon 过宫炮
SCH= Screen Horse Defense 屏风马
Lt C Blockade = Left Cannon Blockade 左炮封车
3st = Three Step Tiger 三步虎
CC = Central Cannon 中炮/当头炮
dr = Deferred Chariot 缓开车
rbr = Riverbank Chariot 巡河车

Note: There was some bad coding in the interactive boards that went unnoticed in the past. Perhaps it came about during the transfer of the site in 2020. The Webmaster has corrected them and reuploaded all the boards with full commentary.




















Qiyi (《棋艺》)  exact date forgotten, mid 00s

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