Volume 3 Boards 219 to 228

There will be ten puzzles per page unless specified.
The puzzles shown here have been published as books and ebooks on Amazon. A detailed analysis with added variations and sub-variations have been added. There is a ton of information hidden behind the titles whereby the Webmaster has researched and explained to the best of the abilities. Understanding the titles would allow the reader to have a deeper appreciation of the culture and beauty of Xiangqi.

NOTE: In some versions of the ancient manual, Board 227 was given whereby there were only moves and NO DIAGRAM. In the Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals, it was presented, as was in Li Geng's version. However, it was NOT found in Xu Jialiang's version. It is the reason why Elegant Pastime Manual is given as 550 Boards and 551 Boards in different versions.
As this website is based mainly, the Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals, Board 227 and a 'reverse-engineered' board is given whereby contemporary authors have created a puzzle with the moves.





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