Golden Hooked Horse Checkmate 腋车挂 yè jū guà

Plese refer to the diagram with the names of the horses at different positions.

The Chinese name of this kill is 腋车挂 yè jū guà.
腋= armpit
车= chariot
挂= to hang something.
Perhaps it was because of this Chinese name that the original name of the rib file was coined by the AXF as the armpit file, which the Webmaster felt offended. It was also one of the biggest reasons why the Webmaster started out doing this website, hoping that a more elegant way of introducing Xiangqi to the West could be done. The Webmaster has also chosen to coin the term Golden Hooked Horse Checkmate for obvious reasons.
Anyway, the Golden Hooked Horse is the key piece in this attack. Usually, there is a chariot on one of the rib files which is sacrificed to capture an enemy advisor in the same file. The Golden Hooked Horse would then be maneuvered to the Palcorner Horse position for a Palcorner Horse Checkmate.

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