Secret in the Tangerine Volume 2

Volume 2:
For practical purposes, this section will be known as Volume 2 on this site.
This book is further divided into 3 sections. Please see the explanation below on how the Webmaster will present the boards.

There will be simple commentaries of some of the moves. For more detailed explanations, please refer to the books that the Webmaster have published.

The Secret in the Tangerine has also been published by the Webmaster to preservethe ancient manual in English for posterity. Many variations and sub-variations have been added to explain the games in detail. Be sure also to study the handicap games shown.



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Section 1: Black wins.

In this section, the focus is on how to let black win.

Game 01: (ECCO D24) SD cannons: FR vs RR with black regaining initiative
Game 02: (ECCO D24) SD cannons: FR vs RR with black sacrificing horse
Game 03: (ECCO D24) SD cannons: FR vs RR with black using throat ranked cannon
Game 04: (ECCO D03) SD cannons: RR vs FR with FR winning
Game 05: (ECCO D05) SD cannons: RR vs FR with river bank cannon variation
Game 06: (ECCO D04) SD cannons: RR vs FR with central linked horses variation
Game 07: (ECCO D24) SD cannons: FR vs Deferred chariot
Game 08: (ECCO D50) OD cannons : Major variation whereby black wins
Game 09: (ECCO D50) OD cannons: Major variation vs small variation whereby small variation wins
Game 10: (ECCO D50) OD cannons: Red tries blockade of black's left flank.
Game 11: (ECCO D50) OD cannons: Minor variation whereby black sacrifices elephant to trap chariot variation
Game 12: (ECCO C19) Central horse vs Screen Horse Defense. Black wins.
Game 13: (ECCO A27) Elephant opening vs Left central cannon opening. Black wins.





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