The following list has been collected over the years. Some of them may not function anymore. If anyone finds a broken link, please email the webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Note: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is not functional anymore. Also, I have tried to reorganize the list but so far progress has been limited.

Xiangqi Organizations:

1. The World Xiangqi Federation (WXF), in both Chinese and English (latest)
2. The Asian Xiangqi Federation (AXF), in both Chinese and English,
3. The official Xiangqi website in China , in Chinese only 
4. Taiwan, Chinese chess culture Society , Chinese only   
5. The Singapore Xiangqi General Association, Chinese and English, 
6. The Malaysian Xiangqi Federation , Chinese only
7. Hong Kong Chinese Chess Association. Chinese. 
8. The Friends of Chinese Chess in Finland (thanks to Mikko Tornqvist for the update)
9. New Jersey Xiangqi Association 
10. In Chinese, fromTaiwan, Daan Xiangqi society 
11. Vietnamese Chess Association, in Vietnamese. 
12. In Russian, Russian Xiangqi Federation and Moscow Xiangqi Club site (Special thanks to Antonio from Poland for providing this link)
13. In English and German, , the German Xiangqi Federation (link provided by Dr.Michael Nägler, President of DXB and vice president of WXF)
14. From Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan XiangGoqi Federation,  . English is found. Very nice site with nice articles on Xiangqi in general.
15. In both English and Chinese, , the World Mind Masters website.

Xiangqi websites: 

1. In Chinese, . Great articles.
2. Craziest site thus far, loaded with Xiangqi information, Chinese only  
3. Chinese only
4. Chinese only. Great website on various openings, mid games and endgames.  
5. English. Huge collection of Xiangqi games.  
6. In English, , The ancient manual "The Invincible Xiangqi Manual" is presented here. "Victories All the Way" is the name they used. There is limited or no explanation of the moves.
7. In English,  Similar in format to the "Victories All the Way" posted there, " The Secret Inside the Tangerine" ( or " orange" is shown there. There is limited or no explanation of the moves. (thanks Chris) ---> Site seems down. I'll leave the link in case it comes back.
8. In English, another version of "Victories All the Way".  ( thanks Chris)
9. In English, and one of the best sites I have found so far, . Videos of the greats. Very up to date information. Highly recommended! ---> Site seems down. I'll leave the link in case it comes back alive.
10. In English, short but excellent site with much information about Xiangqi and esp openings. Something I am still doing... ( thanks Carlos)
11. In English , another site with ancient manuals . There might be a problem with the interface. But worth a look! (thanks Carlos)
12. In Spanish, by Carlos himself! . So far the site that I expect will give me a run for my money! Keep up the good work Carlos!
13. In English, by the revered Mr Felix Tan.  
14. In Chinese,  a very good blog by 木門先生. 
Wechat users can access it directly.
15. In Japanese, by Ms Chizuru Nakamura, Japanese women's representative and tough competitor in Xiangqi! Excellent website!
16. In English and French, Chess historian Jean-Louis Cazaux website where some very good information about Xiangqi can be found. .   

Websites or URL whereby you may find pics/material to build your own XiangQi set (please read the various rules of agreement for each website) : for a decent authentic looking XiangQi board.

Xiangqi clubs where you can play the game:

1. Chesscape online, free play, english
2. ClubXiangqi, where many greats play. Mostly Vietnamese players. A good place to get your butt kicked hard.
3. Vietson online gaming, English available
4. Itsyourturn, English .
5. In English, free,
6. In English, or . Quite a friendly site for non-Chinese speakers who want to learn to play the game. (Thanks Dave for recommending your site. )        
7. 天天象棋 。  Best and strongest xiangqi app for play. The GMs and Masters Play there with live broadcasts of games. Unfortunately, it is in Chinese. Have to download from  link below, and need to have a wechat or qq account to activate.  

The place to get simulation for puzzles and test yourself: by Mr. Vu Thien Bao. 10,000 Xiangqi problems to test you! --Highly recommended!

Xiangqi engines and artificial intelligence: 

1. Two thumbs up for Jeremy Craner’s Qianhong , freeware, extremely user friendly
2. Xiexie homepage.  
3.Zillions of Xq engines for you to download.|en&ie=UTF8 
4. Another site to download zillions of Xq engines 
5. Yet another site to download   
6. In Chinese, , which is home to xq wizard, the xq engine that I have used in the beginning when creating this site. Very powerful engine with many functions available.
7. In English, endgame database with a few endgames. I believe there are more endgames in the WXF database, but is still worth a browse.
8. Possibly the last two sites whereby CCBridge can be downloaded before it goes into extinction...  & 
Yes, I agree its ugly, but at least it caught your attention.

Xiangqi articles in general:     


1. Introduction to Xiangqi. In English,
2. Introduction to Xiangqi. In English, . Nearly identical to the Xiangqi introduction on Wikipedia
3. Nice introduction to Xiangqi 
4. Another nice introduction in English.  


Xiangqi blogs in English

1.Interesting site with a collection of some games 
2. In English, GM Huang Zijun’s blog 
3. In Russian, a Xiangqi page from a Siberian fan (Vladivostok). .(Thanks Antonio)
4. In Russian,  . Xiangqi page from Minsk chess club (Belarus) ( Thanks again Antonio)
5. In Polish, nice site. "The wonderful world of Xiangqi" ( Thanks Antonio, who happens to be the owner ! ) 
6. . A Blog by Malaysian Xiangqi Enthusiast Wong Ping Loong. Has written his own books too.

Xiangqi videos, in particular Youtube:

1. In Chinese, 
2. In Chinese, , lots of xiangqi videos.
The following links were provided by Brian Wu from Taiwan.
3. In Chinese,
4. In Chinese,
5. In Chinese, 
6. In Chinese, 
7. In Chinese, 
8. In Chinese,  

For Russian speakers, the following is a great youtube video channel:

Xiangqi pics from all over the world:

1. In Russian, 
2. In Russian, 
3. In Russian,
4. In Russian,
The above links were given to me by Vladimir Kuskov of Ural, Russia.  

List of XiangQi related sites compiled by 象棋愛好者

象棋爱好者 is a very active group of Xiangqi players, mostly from Malaysia. Very comprehensive list!
下棋服務器/網址(Chess Servers)

1)  中国象棋大师网――象棋网 中国象棋远程教学网 象棋在线课堂 象棋在线赛场 象棋在线对弈 中国象棋规则 中国象棋谱库 中国象棋论坛
2)apps.renren.com人人网 - 中国象棋
3) Xiangqi at Club Xiangqi
4)   弈天棋缘[Xiangqi Arena]-象棋战网,网络象棋,在线对局,象棋擂台,象棋比赛5)  fb上的play 中国象棋 
6)  下棋服务器
7) 下棋服务器2


棋譜下載區(Game records download)

1)  中国象棋大宝典.exe115网盘|网盘|115网络U盘-我的网盘|免费网络硬盘(*需要新java 支持該軟件)

2)  秋雨夜象棋論壇 3)东萍象棋网



象棋論壇(Chess Discuzz)

1) 东方连珠论坛 
2) 大侠小鱼儿
3) 中華民國象棋教育推廣協會 

4) 日本將棋聯盟台北支部

5) 司殷劉世界

6) 华工象棋论坛

7) 汕头棋院网
8) 東萍象棋網
9) 泓弈棋牌網
10) 弈棋 - 書呆奕的網站
14)将棋世界-SHOGI WORLD -
15)棋藝討論 - 香港討論區 - 一個香港只得一個香港討論區

20)保定象棋网 ———弘扬中华国粹 传承象棋文化 【河北省保定市象棋协会官方网站】 -
22)广东象棋网 - 象棋棋谱、新闻、直播、象棋文化,象棋赛事、棋手资讯 23)象棋世界 

First created: Somewhere back in 2011...
Last updated: 25th Oct 2018
Georg Jeiter from Germany.
Chris Hankinson from the US.
Carlos from Mexico.
Brian Wu from Kaohsiung Taiwan.
Antonio from Poland, for showing to me that Xiangqi is indeed international!
Dave Dyers from the US.
Vladimir Kuskov of Ural, Russia.
象棋愛好者 , a facebook fanpage. One of the best on XiangQi!
Vu Thien Bao, webmaster and !
Jean-Louis Cazaux
May the list grow!

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