Ouyang Qilin 欧阳琦琳

Name: Ouyang Qilin 欧阳琦琳, 1972-present
Birthplace: Shanghai .
Titles: GM
Ancestry: Xinhui 新会 Guangdong 广东
Summary of achievements:
1. Key player on the Shanghai championship team who won the Chinese Xiangqi Team Championships全国团体赛女子组冠军 in 1989 and 1993
2. Runner up in the Chinese National Singles Championships
3. Asian Champion in 1993
4. Winner of the 2003 Televised Lightning Chess Xiangqi Championships (2003年夺得女子电视快棋赛冠军)
5. Awarded the title of Grandmaster in 1998
6. Currently the Vice Chairwoman of the Shanghai Chess Association Nicknames: none found so far. The autobiography below was condensed from an article found in Reference 1 below.

GM Ouyang Qinlin was born in Shanghai in 1972. According to her, before she was Grade 5 in elementary school, she had NEVER had contact with Xiangqi, which was considered quite late for Grandmasters. She was more of the athletic type, more interested in various sports like short distance running, volleyball, soccer etc. In fact, she was admitted into the basketball team when she was only in Grade 4 and all she had dreamed about then was to become a professional basketball player.

In her own words, " There still exists a difference between your dreams and reality. As I grew up, my studies became busier and I was not able to continue with the sport that I so liked.Today, I have become a professional Xiangqi player, something that I had not thought off then. I have not regretted my decision, as other than basketball, Xiangqi has been able to provide me with endless fun. Being able to choose Xiangqi as my profession was more of a case of fate in the making. Once, a long time ago, I saw other people compete in a game of Xiangqi and it attracted my curiosity. I was then hooked for life. Playing Xiangqi did not occupy as much of my extra-curricular time as basketball, so I played more for the fun of it at first. When I was in grade 6, my results were good and I was able to apply for one of the better schools in Shanghai. At the same time, my interests in Xiangqi grew, and out of curiosity and fun, I applied for the Xiangqi section of another sports school.

When my final exam results were out, I received two letters from these two schools, both accepting me into their programs. I was ecstatic but at the same time faced with a decision to make. My teacher thought that it was a waste not to be able to go into one of the premier schools at that time. However, my Xiangqi teacher felt that being able to study more books would at most make me into a University student. If I were able to become a professional Xiangqi player, I would at the top of my age group and at that time, being a female professional Xiangqi player was very respected. After much consideration, I chose the latter and my parents were supportive. Thus, I enrolled in the Xiangqi program and started a more systematic course on Xiangqi. After I made my decision, there was no way out. I had to focus on a goal, making the Shanghai Xiangqi team and become a real professional Xiangqi player. I kept on pushing myself and worked hard, and in the process, I had won the Shanghai Youth Xiangqi Championships twice.

Three years later, in 1988, I was absorbed in the Shanghai team and started to participate in the National Xiangqi Team Championships. Even though it was the first time I participated in an event on National scale, I was able to achieve an undefeated record of 8W3D and in the following year, 1989, I turned professional. In the 1989 National Xiangqi Singles Championships, I came in 3rd place and was awarded the title of National Xiangqi Master. I went on to become runner up in the same event in 1992 and 1993. I participated in the 1992 Asian Championships and came in first place, and was awarded the title International Xiangqi Master. In 1998, I was bestowed the title of Xiangqi Grandmaster, while in 2003, I was champion in the 2003 National Lightning Xiangqi compeition. Currently, I play the role of assistant to the president of the Shanghai Chess Association while at the same time continuing in competing in Xiangqi events. "

GM Ouyang now serves as the vice chairwoman to the Shanghai Chess Association. She is married to Xiangqi Master Dong Xubin董旭彬.

First created: 28th March 2012
Last updated: 28th March 2012
1.In Chinese, <<神洲八骏>> by Chief Editor GM Hu Ronghua 胡荣华
2. In Chinese, http://www.zgxqds.com/zixun_info.asp?id=929

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