Wu Guilin 吴贵临

Name: Wu Guilin 吴贵临, 1962-present
Birthplace: Nantou County, Taiwan Titles: IGM (awarded title in 1992)
Summary of achievements: Key player on Taiwanese team when Taiwan first entered the 5th Asian Xiangqi Team Tournament. The Taiwanese team came in second place, behind China. IGM Wu astounded everybody with a perfect record of 10 wins. Proud record of runner up once, 2nd runner up 6 times and 4th place once. Only a handful of players outside of china to have beaten Chinese GMs and IGMs
Nicknames: not known.

Many consider Wu Guilin to be the best Xiangqi player outside of China. In the sport dominated by the Chinese, his achievements are remarkable. Wu was born in 1962, and under the influence of his uncle, he started learning Xiangqi at the age of 7. After one year of learning the game, he took part in the Nantou County Open, and was placed 8th. Imagine, the 8th place being won by an eight year old kid whilst all his opponents were seasoned adult players! Wu proceeded to Taipei to finish his high school when he was 17, whilst playing Xiangqi fervently. He took part in the Taiwan Open and left his mark by coming in 4th place. Two years later, at the age of 19, he became the champion in the same tournament. All of these achievements were completed within a span of only 12 years since he first started to learn the game. Wu started his international Xiangqi journey in 1988, whereby he started taking part in China’s many competitions.
He left his mark on the international scene by having a perfect record of 10 wins in the team competition, beating Chinese players in the team tournament. Taiwan came in runner up in the 5th Asian Xiangqi Team Tournament. However, there was still a gap between Chinese Xiangqi players and Xiangqi players from outside China. He fared badly, coming in last place in the1989 后肖杯, with a measly record of 4 draws and 2 losses. But he took things in stride, worked hard, and bounced back, winning the龙化杯 competition 2 months later in June 1989.

Wu has been described as hardworking and humble. To further his Xiangqi skills, he went under the tutelage of legendary great Hu Ronghua and his Xiangqi skills have improved since. To date, he is still one of the highest ranked players in Taiwan. Wu has beaten many Chinese Xiangqi GMs, and IGMs alike, with victories over 1994 champion Tao Hanming, GM Liu Dianzhong, GM Li Laiqun. This was perhaps a feat next to impossible in the 90’s. On the international scene, his luck has not been too good. On quite a few occasions, all he had to do was draw against the opponent in the final round to secure his championship, but he lost, coming in runner up or second runner up subsequently. Recently, Wu came in 4th in the 2010 Asian Games. Wu is married to Gao Yiping, a female Xiangqi GM from China.


The following video would show GM Wu Kui-lin teaching Xiangqi and analyzing games.


Last updated: 10th Jan 2021
Reference: http://www.myxiangqi.com/Lesson/WGLql.htm

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