Zhang Jinrong 张锦荣

Name:Zhang Jinrong 张锦荣 (zhāng jǐn róng , Late Qing to Early 20th Century)
Nicknames: Slow National Player

Zhang Jinrong lived in the late Qing dynasty and was a native of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province. When he was young, he learned from Wang Hao Ran. He was a master of the Angel's Pawn as Red and Screen Horse Defense for Black. In the early 20th century, he traveled to Beijing and Shanghai and achieved impressive results in his battles with the locals. Unfortunately, his actual games were not recorded. When Zhang returned to Yangzhou, he was able to a respectable winning percentage from players who came to challenge him.

Zhang Jinrong was also indirectly responsible for Zhou Huanwen leaving Yangzhou as legend had it that Zhou was furious after his Central Cannon just simply could not defeat Zhang's Screen Horse Defense. Their feud was only halted after Zhou Huanwen's son, the legendary Zhou Deyu, avenged his father.

Zhang was also infamous for being a slow player. He took long periods of time to make each move and was actually given the nickname of the "Slow National Player" (慢國手 màn guó shǒu). Together with Wang Haoran and Zhou Huanwen, Zhang was known as the Outstanding Three from Yangzhou. Click here for a game by Zhang Jinrong W Zhou Deyu


The following video would be a commentary of a game played by Zhang Jinrong against Zhou Deyu. It is in Chinese.


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