Xie Jing 謝靖

Name: Xie Jing 謝靖 1989-present
Birthplace:Taizhou City泰州市, Jiangsu Province江苏
Current team: Shanghai
Titles: GM
Summary of achievements:
1. 1998-2000 National Youth Xiangqi Champion
2. 2001 Under 16 Age Group National Xiangqi Champion
3. Was on the Shanghai team that was 3rd place in 2002.
4. Seven consecutive wins when he represented China in the Asian Team Tournaments
5. 2006 Jingshan Cup Champion “景山杯”象棋赛冠军
6. 2008 Champion of the 6th Weikai Real Estate Cup“威凯房地产杯”全国象棋排名赛冠军, earning him the title of GM.
7. 2013 Chinese National Individual Champion, 17th National Champion.
Nicknames: None found yet

GM Xie Jing 谢靖 was born in 1989 in Jiangsu Province. He is still one of the youngest GMs in China. He first started raising eyebrows in by winning the National Youth Xiangqi Championships consecutively from 1998-2000 and started to take part in the National Team Tournaments by representing Shanghai Putong Districts Guangyang team in 2001. He has good results and caught the eye of Legendary GM Hu Ronghua who  accepted him as his last disciple in 2001, joining the ranks of other greats like GM Wan Chunlin and GM Sun Yongzheng. His Xiangqi kungfu reached new heights and he won the Under 16 National Xiangqi Championships, earning the title of Xiangqi Master. For his achievements, he was made a key player on the Shanghai team, which is considered to be one of the perennial favorites in the team championships. Xie was instrumental in their 3rd placing in 2002. In 2004, at the Asian Team Championships, GM Xie achieved a personal recored of 7W0L0D, which received quite a bit of praise at that time.

Xie won the 6th Weikai Real Estate Cup, 第六届“威凯房地产杯”全国象棋排名赛冠军, thereby earning him the title of Grandmaster. In 2013, another highlight of his career was winning the Chinese National Xiangqi Championships in 2013, becoming the 17th King of Xiangqi in China.

Today, GM Xie continues to frequent the top 10 in the rankings in China and he often obtains very good placings in the National Singles Competition. If anyone has more to share about this young GM, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The following video would show a video of the grandmaster having fun on the app Tiantian Xiangqi. His opponents are level 8 and above, which would be about the strength of the champion of a small town or small city in China.


First created: 25th March 2011
Last updated: 10th, Jan 2021
In Chinese, http://www.dpxq.com/hldcg/qishou_9.html
In Chinese, <<象棋词典>> by 屠景明 杨柏伟

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