Wan Chunlin 万春林

Name: Wan Chunlin 万春林 1969-present
Birthplace: Shanghai City
Ancestral origins: Gaoyou City 高邮市Jiangsu Province 江苏
Current team: Shanghai Titles: GM , International Master
Summary of achievements:
1. 5th Place in the Chinese National Xiangqi Singles Championships in 1997
2. 1998, Champion of the National Provincial and City Championships 全国省市冠军赛冠军
3. Represented China in 1998 on the Championship team in the 10th Asian Xiangqi Championships.
4.Won the Liulin Cup “柳林杯”全国象棋大师赛冠军 in 2001 and was bestowed the title of Grandmaster
5. Runner up in the 2003 Chinese National Xiangqi Singles Championships
6. 6th Place in the Chinese National Xiangqi Singles Championships
7. Represented China again in 2004 on the Championship team in the 13th Asian Xiangqi Championships.
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In team competition in China, one of the perennial favorites is the Shanghai team. And on that team, headed by legendary GM Hu Ronghua, one of the unshakeable spots has always belonged to GM Wan Chunlin. GM Wan was born in 1969 in Shanghai and loved Xiangqi from a very young age. His first coach was coach 韦显亲and under his guidance, GM Wan was placed 5th in the National Xiangqi Youth Championships in 1984. Because of this achievement, he was quickly absorbed into the Shanghai team, under the direct guidance of GM Hu. GM Hu noted in the book's introduction (see ref 2 below) that GM Wan did not stand out in terms of Xiangqi genius but his hardworking attitude was impressive and well respected by all who knew him. GM Hu commented that GM Wan was a no-nonsense person, and gave his dedication to all the work he did. GM Wan's Xiangqi skills took off to new heights.

He first participated in the National Xiangqi Singles Competition in 1987 and worked his way up the ladder. Just in his second year participating in the tournament, he beat GM Liu Dahua who was in his prime. Wan continued his hardworking ways came in 12th place in the same competition in 1990. For his achievments, he was awarded the title of Xiangqi Master, at age 21. GM Wan progressed and came in 5th in the same tournament in 1997 (the year where GM Hu won the tournament again). 2001 was the year that Wan was bestowed the title of Grandmaster after he won the 2001 Liulin Cup“柳林杯”全国象棋大师赛冠军, a compeition whereby only Xiangqi masters were eligible to take part. In the international arena, GM Wan has represented China in the Asian Xiangqi Team Championships in 1998 and 2004, whereby China were champions, obviously. GM Wan continues to be a strong force to be reckoned with even today. He has authored a series of 4 books dedicated to midgame strategy (see ref 2 below). Deep stuff...


The following video would show a video of a commentary of a match by the grandmaster.


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Last updated: 28th March 2011
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References: In Chinese, http://www.dpxq.com/hldcg/qishou_19.html
In Chinese,<<象棋国家特级大师讲座丛书>> by GM Wan Chunlin 万春林 himself

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