QIAN, HONGFA 钱洪发 (qián hóng fā, 1936-1997)

Nicknames: No nickname known
Title: Chinese Master

Master Qian Hongfa hailed from Tianjin, Hebei but moved to Lanzhou, Gansu in the 1950's, where he was known to represent in Xiangqi tournaments. In his younger days, he learned Xiangqi from Ai Zihou (艾子厚, ài zǐ hòu), Wu Fenglin (武凤林, wǔ fèng lín) and other Xiangqi experts in Tianjin. He also was a disciple of Qian Mengwu (钱梦吾 qián mèng wú) who was a famous player in his time. Qian Hongfa perfected his craft through the elderly Qian's guidance. It is not known if the two were related.

When he was eighteen years old, Qian Hongfa went to Tibet. On the way, he stopped by Gansu, where Xiangqi legend Peng Shusheng stayed. Qian pounced on the opportunity to play against an idol he looked up too, but as a sign of respect, he used the pen-name of Qian Wuyang (钱武扬 qián wǔ yáng). Qian gave the legendary Peng a run for his money and nearly won the game. Peng did his best to retaliate, and it was going to be a draw until Qian missed a kill by Peng and lost. This battle had profound effects on Qian and made him want to take his game to another level. He later settled in Gansu in the late 1950's. Qian's play has been described as staunch but lively. His opening was not restricted and was often able to come up with many variations.

In 1975 Qian was placed fifth in the third ever National Athletics Meet and came in third place in the 1977 Chinese National Individual Championships. In 1982, he was placed fourth in the same event. In his time in Gansu, he made the Gansu provincial team and eventually became both player and coach. He was often seen leading his team to travel to various provinces, often away for months at a time. Master Li Jiahua was one of his many students that have benefitted from his tutelage. Qian was a very amiable man and was very well liked by his peers and contemporaries. For his efforts and achievements, Qian was presented the title of Master in 1982. Qian passed away in 1997, at the age of 61 years old. Many mourned the loss of a great man.


The following video would show a video of a commentary of a match by Master Qian defeating Grandmaster Yang Guanlin!


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