Name: Jiang Chuan 蒋川 26/1/1984-present

Birthplace: Wenzhou City, 温州市 Yongjia County 永嘉县 Zhejiang Province 浙江 jiang chuan from chirs by alan c lee 01
Current team: Beijing
Titles: GM , International Master
Summary of achievements:
1. 1998 Zhejiang Provincial Xiangqi Champion and was thus bestowed as one of the top 10 Zhejiang athletes
2. 2000 National Youth Xiangqi Championships 1st Runner-up
3. 8th Place in the 2002 National Xiangqi Singles Championship --> given the title of Xiangqi Master
4. 2nd place in the Asian Championships in 2002.
5. 2004 Champion of the Xiangqi Masters Championships 象棋大师赛亚军
6. 8th Place in the 2006 National Xiangqi Singles Championship in Shenzhen
7. Champion of the Professional Division in the 3rd Yang Guanlin Cup in 2008.
8. Key player on the Beijing Team winning the 2009 National Xiangqi Team Championships in 2009.
9. Winner of the 2010 Yintai Cup “伊泰杯”全国象棋精英邀请赛冠军.
10. Key player on the Beijing Weikai Team which became champion in the A League.
11. Champion of the 2010 Canggu Sicang Cup, National Xiangqi Singles Championships, becoming the 14th National Champion in the history of the sport.
12. Winner of the 2011, 3rd Jurong Maoshan.Biguiyuan Cup 第三届“句容茅山·碧桂园杯”全国象棋冠军邀请赛冠軍. It was a competition whereby only National Champions were allowed to take part.
13. Winner of the 3rd ever Huaiyin Hanxin Cup “淮阴韩信杯”象棋国际名人赛冠军

Nicknames: Jiang the Principle 蒋校长 (see ref 1)
The photo on the right was taken by Mr Alan C Lee, and provided by Mr Chris Hankinson.

GM Jiang Chuan has been the leader in points amassed in the Chinese standings for 2 years running, since 2010-2012... (and still continuing). GM Jiang was born in WenZhou City , Zhejiang province in 1984. He started learning Xiangqi in 1990 and soon he started to make his presence felt. At age 14, he won the Zhejiang Provincial Championships and was bestowed the title of one of the top ten best athletes in Zhejiang in that same year. When he started to take part in the National Xiangqi Singles Competion in 2002, he came in 8th place and was awarded the tile of Xiangqi Master. He never looked back again. GM Jiang continued to win and win and win, accumulating so many wins in so many different competitions that my fingers ache...But the biggest highlight of his career was in 2010, when he became the 14th National Champion. Since 2010, he has been the the leader in points. There was an interview with GM Xu Yinchuan not too long ago, whereby GM Xu admittedly stated that GM Jiang was now the number one player in China. Coming from GM Xu, that was a huge compliment indeed. And I have yet to be able to collect more stories or interviews about him, but rest assured, I am sure that his autobiography would be seen soon!

jiang chuan and lv qin from chris by alan leeThis photo was taken by Mr Alan C Lee and graciously donated by Mr Chris Hankinson. Left is GM Jiang Chuan and Right is GM Lv Qin. It was taken during a trip to the US in 2011.

First created: 29th March 2011
Last updated: 29th March 2011
Acknowledgements: Chris Hankinson

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