Name: Bu Fengbo卜凤波 22/4/1964-present

Birthplace: Benxi City 本溪市, Liaoning Province 辽宁
Titles: GM , International Master
Summary of achievements in Chinese National Xiangqi Singles Championships

  • 1985 - 5th
  • 1986 –3rd
  • 1995 - 5th
  • 1998 - 3rd
  • 2000 - 5th
  • 2005 - 5th
  • 2006 - 6th

 Champion of the 3rd Asian Masters Competition in 1987

Key player of the Liaoning Team who won gold in 1984 in the National Team Championships in China
Head Coach of the Liaoning team in 1991.
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Known to many as the top player from Liaoning, GM Bu has consistently performed for the past 3 decades. He may not be well known outside of Asia, but GM Bu remains one of the most respected figures in Xiangqi. The following is condensed from the references listed below.

GM Bu mentioned in a short autobiography that when he was a young kid, all he could remember was frequenting the Xiangqi joints near his place, watching adults and kids alike go at it on the Xiangqi board. As time passed, his interest in the game grew and before long, like most of the other Xiangqi greats, he was nearly invincible.

In 1973, a Xiangqi school was established in his city and his primary school teacher proceeded to enrol him. He was only nine at that time but he won all his games against the other students. His Xiangqi prowess stood out so much so that the school decided that whoever could win the young Bu would be enrolled. So, for the next three days, Bu played over 100 games and only a handful of students were able to beat him. Bu recalled being in his element after the enrolment into the chess school. He was trained methodically and before long, he was the perennial winner of competitions of his age group. In 1976, Bu won the Liaoning Province Youth Xiangqi Championship and was inducted into the Liaoning chess team, whereby he came directly under the tutelage of other Xiangqi greats like Meng Liguo, Guo Changshun, Zhao Qingge...

His first claim to national fame came in 1984 where he was a key player on the Liaoning team that became the National Champions. For his achievements, he represented China as they won the 3rd Asian Team Championships in the Philipines. Bu was now a force to be reckoned with both in China and internationally. GM Bu continued to perform and won the Asian Masters Competition in 1987.

The 90's was another great decade for Bu. He had good placings in the National Singles Championship for many years and the closest he got to actually winning it was in 1998. He recalled in his diary that if he had won his last game against Master Jin Song (and he actually had more than one chances of doing so in that game... ) he would have overtaken Champion GM Xu Yinchuan to be crowned king of Xiangqi that year! Unfortunately, he was unable to close out that fateful game which ended in a draw. GM Bu was the second runner up that year. A consolation for Bu was the title of Grandmaster for his exceptionally high winning percentage that same year.

GM Bu's style of play has been described as steadfast, and willing to take chances. He is especially known for his Central Cannon opening and is exceptionally well versed in the 59 Cannons with Pawn Ranked Chariot with Central Pawn Advancement variation against the Screen Horse Defense.

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