Flanking Trio Checkmate 三子归边 杀法

The flanking trio checkmate refers to a combination of three major attacking pieces ( eg 2R1C, 1R1H1C, 2H1C...) performing a concerted kill at one flank of the opponent's board. The chariot(s), horse(s), cannon(s) and pawn(s) may all form one part of the attacking unit whereby various basic kills that have been listed in this website may be used. .

Amongst all the possible combinations, a 1r1h1c combination would be the most versaltile and is very commonly seen.

As the kills will differ depending on the combination of the attacking pieces, there is no sure formula. This is more of a general term describing the powerful attack on the king. Some of the pieces may be sacrificed, offered or used with a variety of other tactics to achieve the final checkmate.

For players who prefer reading about the Basic Kills in a book, the Webmaster has published a book to help you out.



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