Drawer Checkmate 洞进洞出/拉抽屉/金鸡三点头 杀法

This technique is one of the most fundamental kills.

The following conditions must be met for the kill to be performed:

  • 1) there must be at least one cannon at the bottom rank controlling it
  • 2) there must be chariot(s) or pawn(s) or a king that is able to to control the throat rank. It would be even better if a throat cutting checkmate was possible.
  • 3) other pieces are required to help the chariot/pawn maneuver to the throat rank for the final blow. This is basically a ranked type checkmate.

There are many other names in Chinese to the kill, like the Hole-in-Hole-Out Checkmate (洞进洞出 dòng jìn dòng chū) and the Golden Rooster Checkmate (金鸡三点头 jīn jī sān diǎn tóu). The latter kill should be translated as the 'Golden Rooster pecking three times checkmate'.

The Webmsater used to call it the Hole-in-Hole-Out Checkmate technique in the past.


For players who prefer reading about the Basic Kills in a book, the Webmaster has published a book to help you out.



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