Repatriation of Buddha Checkmate 送佛归殿 (sòng Fó guī diàn)

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This kill is basically utilizing the threat of a 'double check' to push a pawn forward with help from a cannon. It is not commonly seen in actual play and is more of a theme in endgame compositions. Nevertheless, it is a fundamental techinique to learn.

The Webmaster believes that the first ever such example of the checkmate was found in the Elegant Pastime Xiangqi Manual, Volume 3 Board 209. It is also from this game where I think the kill got its name. In the same ancient manual, Volume 3 Board 267 has also the same kill. Enjoy!

Some books have given the term Sending the Buddha Home Checkmate for this checkmate.
For more information and examples, please refer to Understanding the Elephant 2: Basic Introduction and the Basic Kills. 






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