Tiger Silhouette Checkmate 侧面虎 (cè miàn hǔ)

Plese refer to the diagram with the names of the horses at different positions.
In the Tiger Silhouette Checkmate, the horse is placed on your opponent's pawn rank, either at the 3rd or 7th file. It is known as the High Angler Horse, which is different from the Angler Horse which is used in the Angler Horse Checkmate!

Angler Horse and High Angler Horse Explained It controls two points in the palace. Another piece, usually a chariot, is used to check the remaining points where the king is at. The king is usually forced to move in one file. In the second example below, the play of using the horse to take the elephant and then move into the tiger silhouette formation is quite often used in everyday play.
The elegant name to this checkmate was coined by Mr. Felix Tan, a Xiangqi expert whom I respect and admire greatly!

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