Angler Horse Checkmate 钓鱼马 diào yú mǎ

One of the fundamental checkmates.

Plese refer to the diagram with the names of the horses at different positions.

Please refer to the diagram introducing the names of the various positions of the horse. The WXF translation for 钓鱼马 ( 钓鱼= which means fishing, and 马 = horse) is the Angler Horse. This is another very commonly used checkmate technique. The Angler Horse controls only 2 points in the palace, one of the palace corners and the center of the palace. Another piece, usually a chariot is used to perform the final check.

Angler Horse and High Angler Horse Explained

A close relative would be the High Angler Horse which is used in the Tiger Silhouette Kill. There was some discrepancy in Tu Jingming's Xiangqi Dictionary where he named both horses as the same entity. However, the vast majority of books on basic kills have differentiated the terms as shown here.


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