Double Horses Checkmate 双马饮泉 shuāng mǎ yǐn quán

Translated literally, 双马饮泉 (shuāng mǎ yǐn/yìn quán) would mean double horses (双马) drinking (饮) at the waterhole or spring (泉). This checkmate is another very basic kill that every serious Xiangqi player should know. In fact, it is probably the only option if you are left with two horses on the board.
In this kill, one horse is used to control the positions where the enemy king can move. The other horse is used to jump around, sometimes encircling the entire half of your opponent's board, taking away roadblocks by discovered checks/attacks etc. or just maneuvering the horses until they produce a final checkmate. 

The first example of this basic kill probably appeared in the Elegant Pastime Manual.
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For players who prefer reading about the Basic Kills in a book, the Webmaster has published a book to help you out.



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