Introduction to Basic Kills where the Horse is the Key Piece

Before learning the various basic kills where the horse is the key piece, the names of the horses at different positions must be known.

Diagram showing the names of the positions of the horses.

dia of positions of the horses


1&2 = Elbow Horse 卧槽马 (wò cáo mǎ)
3&4 = Angler Horse 钓鱼马 (diào yú mǎ)
5&6 = High Angler Horse 高钓马 (gāo diào mǎ)
7&8 = Palcorner (Palace Corner ) Horse 挂角马 (guà jiǎomǎ)
9&10= Golden Hooked Horse 金钩马 (jīn gōu mǎ)
11 = Octagonal Horse 八角马 (bā jiǎo mǎ)

1) There is some controversy to the term High Angler Horse in Chinese. According to Tu Jingming's Xiangqi Dictionary, the High Angler Horse and the Angler Horse were the same entity. However, in most other books by different authors, especially the ones introducting the basic kills, the horse when placed at positions 5&6 is known as the High Angler Horse. 
2) Although the Palcorner Horse can technically be used to refer to any horse at one of the palace corners, it is usually, be default, used to refer to one of the palace corners on the cannon rank.
3) The position of the Octagonal Horse is dependent on the enemy king. The friendly horse and the enemy king must be placed at the opposite diagonal on the palace corners such that the horse would prevent the enemy king from moving. The Octagonal Horse can also be used to refer to any horse on the bottom rank at one of the palace corners.

The basic kills categorized in this section include:

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