Headhunter Cannon Kill 空头炮杀法 kōng tóu pào shā fǎ

The Headhunter Cannon Kill was initially termed as the Exposed Cannon Checkmate in the free ebook downloadable at WXF. The Webmaster had called it the Empty Headed Cannon Checkmate/Attack previously, which is a direct translation of the Chinese term.

Anyway, when there is no other piece in the same file as your opponent's king, a cannon can control the entire file if placed in the same file as that exposed king. Any other piece that moves in between the king and that cannon will act as a cannon mount and the cannon will perform a check immediately. Other attacking pieces are required to serve as cannon mounts for the final kill.

For players who prefer reading about the Basic Kills in a book, the Webmaster has published a book to help you out.



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