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20231219 Been busy updating the site. Published over 20pages the past few days. Still some more work to be done. Also added the final pages to the Secret Record of Xiangqi. Also added the recent shorts published on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok. Please use the pink tags at the top right hand corner to access whichever platform you are familiar with.

20231203 Finally, the site is back to normal after much trial and tribulation over the past two months. The system broke down, at least twice, after I tried to add memory to the system. Some of the material is damaged and I have been unable to fully access damage. Will go over the site and correct any errors over the next few weeks.  This would mean that uploads (to the website and Youtube) would be temporarily halted or cut down. I need a break anyway but things will be back to normal very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

20231011 Added several pages to various shorts and the recent videos that have been published on Youtube. Please see the Latest Additions section on the top right hand corner of the screen!

20231001 Added a few more pages to the Sun Zi shorts.

20230930 Added the answers to the puzzles that were published on Facebook and Instagram in September. Also added another page to the shorts introducing basic Xiangqi.

20230924 Added more pages to Sun Zi's Art of War applied to Xiangqi and also the Sandwiched Horse Defense Pages. Also added the latest page to Dubious positions Board 73-76.

20230915 Added more pages to Sun Zi's Art of War applied to Xiangqimidgame pages, Secret Xiangqi Manual, and also Basic Introduction to Xiangqi (Shorts).  

20230908 Added several more new pages the past few days. Please refer to the new additions window given. They include the interactive boards to some of the midgame pages, Sun Zi's Art of War applied to Xiangqi, two new pages to the Secret Xiangqi Manual, et cetera. Thank you!

20230902 Added many new interactive boards to the videos that have been published on Facebook. Please refer to the new additions on the window given.

20230831 Added the answers to the puzzles published in Aug that have been posted to Facebook, Instagram and also Twitter. Also added the interactive boards to the Opening Tabiat published earlier and also the midgame boards.

20230826 Created many shorts during this period. Hope you like it. Added some new pages to the site. Hope you enjoy the new REINTRODUCTION TO Xiangqi series of Shorts. I think it might make Xiangqi less daunting by breaking it into smaller pieces. Click here for the first page of reintroducing Xiangqi.

20230816 Been learning how to use new software to create new videos like Shorts. Have always wanted to share the wisdom of the ancient Chinese in terms of military warfare and apply it to Xiangqi. Therefore, I studied and referenced Sun Zi's Art of War and tried my best to apply it to Xiangqi. Click here for the link to the recent Youtube Shorts that have also been published to Tiktok and Twitter. Still trying to improve!

20230731 Added the Answers to the Puzzles published in July.

20230721 Added the Same Direction Cannons interactive boards for the videos that have been published recently on Youtube.

20230706 Added the interactive boards to the videos that have been published on Youtube: (Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Basic Midgame Tactics 100303 Checkmate and Kill) and Dubious Positions And How to Attack Them Boards 061-064.

20230630 Added the answers to the boards published in June and also added three more pages to the Secret Xiangqi Manual.

20230611 Added the interactive boards to the recently published midgame boards on Youtube and also two more pages to the Secret Xiangqi Manual .

20230607 Added the interactive boards to the recent Screen Horse Defense with High Chariot to Protect Horse Variation published on Youtube recently. Also added the Dubious Positions and How to Attack Them Boards 59-60 that have been published on Youtube (Deferred Opposite Direction Cannons, Left Cannon Blockade etc).

20230530 Added the Answers to the puzzles that were published this month (May 2023) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also added the latest Screen Horse Defense interactive boards (High Chariot to protect Horse Variation 01) where the videos were just uploaded to Youtube. Also uploaded five more pages to the Secret Xiangqi Manual.

20230529 Finally the site is back to normal. There are no more power shortages et cetera. Burned the entire weekend uploading the many pages of the interactive boards for the Youtube Videos. Please refer to the new additions windows at the right of the screen for PC users. Hope the good luck lasts. Will try to cram in more work over the next few weeks as I have fallen too far behind in the work that I should have done.

20230509 Added the interactive boards to the recently uploaded videos on the Same Direction Cannons, which is a commonly seen opening in amateur over the board play.

20230501 Added the answers to the puzzles published in the month of April. Also added five more to A Secret Record of Xiangqi.

20230427 Added five more pages to A Secret Record of Xiangqi. A new place to play Xiangqi in Victoria, Australia has also been added, thanks to Tuan Le.

20230423 Finally, after switching to a new ip and repairing the code on this Website, things are back to normal... It has a been an draining experieince. 

20230330 The answers to the puzzles that have been uploaded this month are now out. Also uploaded another short ancient manual: Xin Juan Golden Roc Xiangqi Manual. 

20230329 Uploaded the interactive boards to the recent published videos on Elephant vs. Cross Palace Cannon Opening systems and also Dubious Positions and how to attack them. Please refer to the latest additions on the column on the site. Mobile phone users may have to scroll down a little bit.

20230318 Started uploading another ancient manual, the A Secret Record of Xiangqi.

20230312 Uploaded the last manual in the Plum Flower Manual Series, the Anti-Plum Flower Manual by Ba Jiren.

20230302 Uploaded the recent boards with embedded videos from Dubious Positions and How to Attack Them. Boards 42-44 and Boards 45-46 deal with the Sandwiched Horse Defense.

20230228 Uploaded the answers to the puzzles that were published in February 2023.  Also found some time to upload the interactive boards to the midgame boards with embedded videos for the recent uploads on Youtube. The entire book up to Chapter Nine has been uploaded. Only Chapter 10 remains. Please use the site and the videos for enhanced learning.

20230223 It has been over twelve long years since the site started. A lot more work should have been done as initially intended but the Webmaster had kids. My brother and father also passed away over the course of the past few years and all that has delayed my original intentions. Starting to spend more time on the site. Burned the whole weekend again, as the Webmaster has uploaded another ancient manual, Chong Ben Tang Plum Flower Manual which is another instalment of the Plum Flower Manual series that all Xiangqi enthusiast MUST READ.

20230216 Still redoing and uploading and polishing the site. The Webmaster has decided to re-do the Elegant Pastime Manual. So far, almost half of the manual has been uploaded. It turns out that there were also some problems with some of the Chinese characters because of the Big 5 version used in Taiwan where traditional Chinese characters are still used, as compared to the Simplified Chinese which is mainstream. The Chinese characters were compromised. Anyway, the Webmaster got bored and spent a few hours uploading another ancient manual, Zheng's Plum Flower Manual. As with other Plum Flower Manuals, the contents represent the evolution of the Xiangqi opening and is must read material to understand the Xiangqi opening.

20230209 12pm Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." In some formulations, it is extended to "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time." Yes, it has happened to the site again... The coding that went bad was far more extensive than previously imagined. It appears that after transfer of the data, the interactive viewer cannot process anything with an apostrophe and would delete the entire movelist (and, of course, the variations and sub-variations) when the apostrophe is found in the comments. For example, Red's or Black's would result in the entire move-list being deleted when transformmed into html coding.
Have to re-check and re-do the entire site again. To make things worse, some of the original files that were uploaded when the site was transferred back in 2020 cannot be found. The Webmaster has been slogging the past six hours but could not find the original files to some of the ancient manuals. He is now re-doing the Elegant Pastime Manual and will probably spend the next few weeks trying to appreciate the full extant of the damage.

20230209 2am Polished the site a bit. It appeared that there were some bad coding that happened when I transferred the site back in 2020. For example, the commentaries in the Seven Stances of the Cross Palace Cannon did not appear. .The whole page has been uploaded and now the commentaries are in full. Another would be some of the pages in the Sandwiched Horse Defense Treatise which the Webmaster sincerely recommends. Relevant boards and vides have been integrated. The reason for the bad coding appears to be the fact that the interactive board would crash if the quotation mark, as in Red's was used. Also found some time to integrate the videos and interactive boards published recently. Please refer to the latest articles window on the right of your screen.

20230203 The sound was lost in today's video upload on Dubious Positions and How to Attack Them Board 43. Have redone the entire video. Also found some time to upload the interactive boards in the same book up till now. Please refer to the articles uploaded on the right side or click here.

20230202 Forgot to publish the answers to the puzzles in 2023 Jan yesterday. Sorry. Been bothered with a broken back.

200230129 Published another short ancient manual: Lan Ke Zhen Ji. Please note that it is not the same as Lan Ke Shen Ji. They are two different ancient manuals.

20230119 Also added a new section to the site: physical places where you can play Xiangqi. The idea spawned from the fact that the Webmaster is often asked by many different people around the world for places where they could play Xiangqi. Please note that this is an INFORMAL list that will follow the World Xiangqi Federation recommendations. Every effort will be made to verify the addresses given. It is an attempt by the Webmaster to further promote Xiangqi. Please also see the "Where to Play" section on the menu under the others section.

20230118 As promised, uploaded another ancient manual, One Hundred Variations in Xiangqi. Decided to follow the information given in the Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals by Yang Mingzhong et al, not Xie Xiaxun's version. Hope to be able to upload all the ancient manuals within the next 1-2years. Regretfully, because of the magnitude of my work, it would be impossible to upload all the variations or comments or it would never be done.

20230113 Rectified some more bad coding and published the recent midgame boards from Chapter 8c, 8d, 9a and 9b. Going to try my best to add some more content before the Chinese New Year!

20230112 Found some mistakes, more errors in coding and wrongly uploaded videos. Trying to integrate the interactive boards with the Youtube videos that I have made. Made some corrections and will be slowly rectifying the rest. 

20230111 First announcement post of the new year. Work was slowed by the World Cup last month... Anyway, the 2022 archives are now out. Have also found some time to assimilate the lecture boards and videos from Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Opening Tabia: Same Direction Cannons 01a , 01b and 01c into functionable work pages on the site. Also, to my horror, there were some bad coding in some of the pages that I had not seen before. Perhaps it came about during the transfer of the site 3 years ago. Will comb the website for more mistakes and errors over the next few weeks.
Going to be the Chinese New Year next week end. I will be bringing my family abroad for about a week. But fear not, I have already prepared and started uploading some stuff so that your Xiangqi quest will never stop. Wishing all an early Chinese New Year!


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