Double Chariots Checkmate 双车挫 (shuāng jū cuò)

Another fundamental basic kill. There are many Chinese names to this checkmate but they would mean the same thing. Reminder, the correct pronunciation of the chariot is jū, not chē。

In International Chess, the King is free to roam the entire board. However, in Xiangqi, the King is limited to the palace, where there are only 3 ranks or 3 files for a total of 9 intersections where it can move. The chariots can do damage with their checks to control the center file or throat rank before eventually mating.
A concept that must be mentioned is that the it would be impossible for the chariots to obtain a checkmate if they were on the same file or rank. That is why another piece, eg. the friendly king, is often required to aid in delivering the checkmate if the chariots were on the same file/rank.

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