Dubious Positions And How to Attack Them Boards 073-076

Chapter Seven would discuss the Elephant Opening and its various counters. There were eight boards in the book.  In summary, four opening systems were discusssed:

  • Elephant Opening vs. Left Central Cannon. Boards 69 and 70.
  • Elephant Opening vs. Cross Palace Cannon. Boards 71 and 72.
  • Elephant Opening vs. Palcorner Cannon. Boards 73 to 76.

Tthe Webmaster has divided this chapter according to the different opening systems shown above. 

In the third and last page,  the discussion is on the Central Cannon vs. Palcorner Cannon counter, which has seen a meteoric rise in tournaments in the past few years. Interestingly, the boards show examples of the same move being dubious in one board and sound in another. The visitor is advised to go through the board to have a better understanding and understand the analyses.There are also quite a few nice tactical combinations that were demonstrated.

The author is extremely grateful to have obtained the permission from Grandmaster Zhang Qiang and Master Yan Wenqing to translate their work and present them to the English speaking world.There are accompanying Youtube videos which the Webmaster has added in the accompanying links. Click here for the link to the entire playlist.

The authors published an updated version of their books (in Chinese) which is available for sale on Amazon.
Opening Tabia and their Principles (2017 edition): https://amzn.to/3tfnFE2
Dubious Positions and How to Attack Them (2017 edition): https://amzn.to/3ZBq1cg
Deception and Countermeasures in the Xiangqi Opening (2017 edition): https://amzn.to/45cqTFA

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《布局疑形与攻击》 by Master Yan Wenqing and Grandmaster Zhang Qiang

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