Throat Cutting Checkmate/Attack 大胆穿心/大刀剜心/小刀剜心

The Throat Cutting Checkmate is a very vicious checkmate or attack that involves sacrificing a chariot or pawn which is moved to the centroid position in the enemy palace. Often, an enemy advisor is captured in the process and the enemy defense is torn apart.
There are several  Chinese names of this kill:
大胆穿心 (dà dǎn chuān xīn) ,
大刀剜心 (dà dāo wān xīn) ,
小刀剜心 (xiǎo dāo wān xīn).
While the chariot is used most often, the pawn can also be used to the same effect when it has moved to the elephant's eye. If the pawn were used, it would be called the minor version of the Throat Cutting Checkmate/Attack (third Chinese name).


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