Xin Juan Jin Peng Bian Fa Xiang Qi Pu Introduction

Xin Juan Jin Peng Bian Fa Xiangqi Pu  (《新镌金鹏变法象棋谱》 xīn juān jīn péng biàn fǎ xiàng qí pǔ) is a partially extant Xiangq manual that was discovered by Xiangqi manual collect Liu Guobin. The date of publication and the author are not known. Liu Guobin was said to have discovered the manual in an old book store in Beijing. Only a portion of the book was still extant (page 1-17) and we have only 13 endgame compositions still extant.

It appears to have been a collection of endgame compositions found in other ancient manuals.

The variations given in this book are based on the ones found in the Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals by Cheng Mingson, Yang Mingzhong and Tu Jingming.



程明松, 杨明忠, & 屠景明. (2007 重印). 中国象棋谱大全. 成都: 成都时代出版社. ISBN 9787805485294.


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