Plum Flower Manual by Zheng Introduction

Zheng's Plum Flower Manual  is known as 《郑氏梅花变法谱》 (Zhèng shì méi huā biàn fǎ pǔ) in Chinese. Another name for the book is  《梅花变法谱》(méi huā biàn fǎ pǔ).

There were 12 Boards in this ancient manual that was published in 1897AD. According to the author, Zheng Zimei (郑自梅 Zhèng zì méi), this ancient manual was in his father's collection which was based primarily on another earlier ancient manual. Many contemporary scholars treat this ancient manual as a reflection of the progress in Xiangqi opening system after the publication of Wang's Plum Flower Manual, which appeared over two centuries earlier. 

Main Content:

  • Central Cannon vs. Screen Horse Defense Boards 1-4
  • Same Direction Cannons Boards Boards 5-8
  • Opposite Direction Cannons Boards 9-10
  • Blind Dog Gambit Board 11
  • Elephant vs. Screen Horse Board 12

Not much else was known about the author.

The variations given in this book are based on the ones found in Cheng Mingsong, Yang Mingzhong and Tu Jingming's Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals.



程明松, 杨明忠, & 屠景明. (2007 重印). 中国象棋谱大全. 成都: 成都时代出版社. ISBN 9787805485294.

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