Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Introduction to Lan Ke Zhen Ji <<烂柯真机>>

Lan Ke Zhen Ji (《烂柯真机》làn kē zhēn jī) was a small wooden scroll. There are three extant versions still available but there were slight variations in the contents. The author was not known. There were thirty endgame compositions in the entire book which was filled with mistakes. Only one or two endgame compositions were error free. Nevertheless, there were some novel ideas in the endgame compositions.

The work published on this website is based on the modificiations and corrections given in the Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Mauals. 

The version given in the Website is based on the Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals by Yang Mingzhong et al. 


NOTE: Lan Ke Zhen Ji and Lan Ke Shen Ji are two different ancient manuals with very similar names. They are not to be mixed up.



程明松, 杨明忠, & 屠景明. (2007 重印). 中国象棋谱大全. 成都: 成都时代出版社. ISBN 9787805485294.

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