Chapter 10: Checkmate Techniques 杀 05b

 Due to constraints of this book, the authors have decided to classify the different tactical combinations into the following list:

  • a) Tactical Combinations involving the Central Cannon,
  • b) Tactical Combinations involving the Double Cannons,
  • c) Tactical Combinations involving the Bottom Ranked Cannons,
  • d) Tactical Combinations involving the Horse at the Flank , and
  • e) Tactical Combinations involving the Elbow Horse.

There will be many examples which will be discussed in detail.
Note: The examples have also been made into short videos with corresponding tags to offer a clearer explanation. The URL would be:

e)  Tactical Combinations involving the Elbow Horse

When the Horse gets to the Elbow Horse position to deliver a check, it would be like a fearless steed attacking the enemy directly. There are so many ways of delivering a checkmate. The following examples are some ways that the Elbow Horse can do damage. The first four examples are continous checks that lead to a checkmate. The last four examples are ways that the Elbow Horse can do damage.

Note: There were eleven boards in this section which has been divided into three pages to decrease download time. This would be the sceond page.












李海鸣 和 林秦. 象棋战术初步. 北京 : 新华书店北京发行, 1986. 7015.2281.

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