Book: Secret Record of Xiangqi

Note: There are two versions to this book. One uses traditional pieces. The other uses graphic pieces as recommended by the Asian Xiangqi Federation (AXF). The use of graphic pieces was an addition that the translator decided to add as he has received some emails over the past few years asking for similar books. The contents are the same.
Version with Traditional Pieces:
Version with Graphic Pieces: 




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Xiangqi, aka Chinese Chess, is a beautiful game with a long history and culture. It is perhaps one of the most played board games in the world. The Chinese have played it for centuries, and many manuals have been written. The development of the game can be best appreciated through the ancient manuals. The translator has defined an ancient manual as any Xiangqi manual or writing written before or during the Qing Dynasty, 1911AD, to be exact.

In his efforts to promote Xiangqi, the author has translated the ancient manuals.

This book, “Secret Record of Xiangqi,” is the next in the series of ancient manuals in his efforts to promote the game.

In ancient times, the most common type of Xiangqi manuals contained mainly endgame compositions, or problems, as the term would be in International Chess. The evolution of these endgame compositions can be roughly divided into the ancient manuals written before or during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD) and those written during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD). Generally speaking, those written before the Qing Dynasty were less complicated and usually ended with Red winning. Those written during the Qing Dynasty were more complicated and often ended in brilliant draws.

The bridge between these two types of endgame compositions probably took place during the early Qing Dynasty. One of the ancient manuals that witnessed the evolution of endgame compositions is the Secret Record of Xiangqi.

Compiled by Fu Wanzhong, it contains three volumes with 206 endgame compositions. The translator is sure that it would help Xiangqi enthusiasts in their game. Enjoy!


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