Xqinenglish Collection of Articles on Xiangqi (Chinese Chess)



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Over the years, the author has written many articles in English to share with the non-Chinese, English-speaking peoples of the world. He had decided to collect the various articles, polish them, and publish them in one book to fund the website.

Some of the articles were done in collaboration with Mr. Paul English and his website. It is part of our efforts to promote Xiangqi. The author would like to thank Mr. Paul English for his interest in Xiangqi and his willingness to promote the game.

This book is dedicated to chess lovers everywhere who want to know more about Xiangqi (Chinese Chess). Technical aspects of the game are cut to a minimum. Instead, the author wishes to share what he knows about the cultural and historical elements of Xiangqi. He also hopes that the various articles would allow the reader to understand Xiangqi as a competitive sport.

For more about the technical aspects of Xiangqi, please refer to the other books by the author.

The author is also compiling a book examining the origins of Xiangqi. So far, over 650 pages (A4) have been written. Therefore, this book includes only bits of history that Xiangqi newcomers might be interested in.

In the original articles, the author has embedded Youtube videos. The videos have been selected to help push across various points. Although they cannot be presented in a book, the author has decided to keep the original URLs for interested readers.

Over the years, the author has spent a lot of time promoting Xiangqi. All this work would not be possible if not for the author’s wife, who has taken care of the family. This book is dedicated to the author’s wife, who has ensured that the author can concentrate on Xiangqi. Thank you!



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