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While learning Xiangqi can be done from viewing this site or watching videos on Youtube, nothing beats reading books or publications on the topic. Unfortunately, English books on Xiangqi are still relatively scarce, and perhaps that is why Xiangqi has not caught on in the West.
The following is a list of English books about Xiangqi by the author and also other contemporary material. Links have been added if they are present. If not, please google the titles.
Over the years, the author has translated many Xiangqi books into English and have proceeded to publish them as books to preserve them in English. Introduction to the various titles can be found on the menu item publications. Most of the books have both print and ebook format.

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To understand more about the individual books, please click on the headings which would lead to a page introducing the book(s) or use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page to see the introduction to each book. Note: Links which are orange in color ARE NOT affiliate links.

Books by the Webmaster.

Lexicon of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Terms in English

Understanding the Elephant Series:

Recommended for Beginners

Part 1 History of Xiangqi
Part 2 Basic Introduction and Basic Kills
Part 3a Endgame Introduciton and Endgame Tabia 1
Part 3b Endgame Tabia 2


Ancient Manual: Elegant Pastime Series Vols 1-2, 3-4, & 5-6.




Ancient Manual: Secret in the Tangerine

The manual has been divided into four volumes.




Other ancient classics 

More will be added over time.




Ancient Xiangqi Classics: Plum Flower Manuals Series


  • Plum Flower Manual by Wang 
  • Unparalleled Plum Flower Manual and Chong Ben Tang Plum Flower Manual (two combined into one)
  • Plum Flower Springs Manual



More will be added in due time.


Becoming a Xiangqi Assassin Vol 1 &2





Endgame Classics from the 20th Century

  • A Study of the Cannon-Pawn Treatise
  • A Study of the Horse-Pawn Treatise
  • A Study of the Chariot-Horse Treatise






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