Books by Wong Ping Loong

Wong Ping Loong is a friend of the Webmaster. We started writing our first book together and since he has gone on to write many other books. His books are recommended by the Webmaster.
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The following is a list of English books about Xiangqi by Wong Ping Loong.

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List of Titles

The Xiangqi Master from the Cave

This book was the book that the Webmaster collaborated with Wong. It was an ancient manual that is known as the Invincible Xiangqi Manual on this site. Wong added some simple but important comments to explain the various variations.



Xiangqi for Absolute Beginners

A very concise book for beginners who have never had any introduction to Xiangqi. Highly Recommended!


 Xiangqi Puzzles: 1-5 move kills

A collection of many puzzles with simple kills that would be a great place to start learning Xiangqi, if you still hunger for more after doing the thousands of puzzles and endgame compositions found on this site! Note that there were two volumes to kills with three moves. 



Xiangqi The Basics of Same Direction Cannon Openings Every move explained

Wong illustrates and explains the Same Direction Cannons which is suitable for beginners. It is a good supplement to ancient manuals, especially the Secret in the Tangerine.


 Grandmaster Hu RongHua and his Elephant Openings

Grandmaster Hu Ronghua has revolutionized Xiangqi in many ways. In the opening phase, the Elephant Opening and Sandwiched Horse Defense have become mainstream opening systems, largely due to the efforts of the legendary grandmaster.
In this book, Wong Ping Loong explained some simple concepts nicely which should benefit the reader a lot.



A simple app to play Xiangqi on this site!

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