Chapter 2: Capture by Discovered Check 抽

This tactic is one of the most basic tactics in Xiangqi and very commonly seen in over-the-board play. It can be used when attacking or defending. The aim is to capture the important enemy pieces while delivering check and can be considered to be a form a double attack. A double attack can be explained as attacking two different targets simultaneously while making only one move. If done correctly, this tactic would be a very potent attack that would allow rapid mobilization and development of the pieces.

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In the book, the tactic was discussed under three sections:


Frequently Used Attacks

The first section of the board would introduce some of the common ways that this attack is used.

  • A major piece, usually the cannon or horse is used as the main piece to initiate the discovered attack.
  • Another piece, usually the chariot would be used such that a discovered check was delivered, and the chariot is moved away to capture enemy material.

It is a very versatile attack and very potent. There could be a change of initiative or a player could cement his advantage using this tactic.
Five examples will be given below.   







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Discovered checks to increase initiative

Another thing to note about capturing material with discovered checks is that:
When the piece of one color is in the same line as his friendly King, the enemy would try to create a checkmate position such that the piece would not be able to leave the line. The enemy would then use his Chariot or Cannon to attack by means of a discovered check such that the piece behind the friendly king is captured.
This tactic is very commonly used in Xiangqi and there will be four examples that are given.







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Using the tactic to save oneself

The third type of capturing material by means of a discovered check is another commonly used tactic.
In this tactic, the player using it would use his cannon to threaten to capture enemy material and thus create weaknesses in the links of the enemy pieces. Sometimes it would result in situations whereby the enemy would counter-chase material. Then the cannon would be maneuvered to deliver checks and thus gain material.
This tactic is quite often ignored by beginners.
Four examples are given below.







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