Chapter 1c: Clearance Tactic 挪

This tactic is one of the more complicated tactics.

Definition from the Webmaster's Lexicon of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Terms in English.

Sometimes, a friendly piece would get in the way of an important piece on the board such that the latter cannot function effectively. By using the clearance tactic, the hindering piece is moved away, allowing the important piece to be able to make threats. Clearance is different from simply moving the hindering piece away as the act of moving that piece away usually constitutes a check, a threat to capture material or other functions. Therefore, with just one move, a player would be able to make a threat with the hindering piece, while at the same time, clear the way for another piece to prepare to attack. For example, a clearance sacrifice is achieved by moving the hindering piece away, offering it as a sacrifice to the opponent while at the same time allow other pieces to become major threats.
Shifting was the term used to refer to this tactic in the free e-book given away on the WXF website and was a direct translation of the Chinese term.

The Chinese for the term is 腾挪 (téng nuó) or 挪 for short.

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