Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Top 50 Brevities in 50 Years 04

In the first decade of the 21st century, the periodical Qiyi (棋艺) ran a series of articles which showcased the top 50 brevities from the past 50 years. The matches were selected from thousands of matches played.

Brevities or miniatures are exciting to watch because one of the players would make a mistake and BAM!, it was over.

The matches that were shown were less than or equal to thirty plies per player at most. And they included all sorts of different openings.

The Webmaster has found some time where he has translated some of the boards into English and will present them with five boards per game. 

The Webmaster has also made videos of the games so that clearer explanations can be seen. Click here for the playlist on Youtube.













新中国五十年经典速胜50局 by 《棋艺》

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