Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Pawn Endgames 01

The first section would deal with one-pawn and two-pawn endgames.

Endgame Tabia Part 3aThe title of each endgame would be based on the notation system that the Webmaster has invented and published in his books, especially the two volumes on endgame tabiat.

There will be short commentaries to the boards. For more detailed explanations, please refer to the Endgames tabia published by the author. Click here for Book 3a and Book 3b respectively from the Understanding the Elephant series.

The pieces will be named in the following order: R > H > C > P > A > E > K. (车马炮兵士象帅)
Please keep this code in mind as tags will be added according to this order. The tags will enable the interested reader to locate any relevant endgame board on this site.

Abbreviations have also be used in this book to faciliate coding of the endgame situations. These abbreviations will be used throughout the site.

Endgame Tabiat Vol 3bA short key to the abbreviations used:

  • bw = book win.
  • pw = positional win.
  • d =  draw.
  • hw = hard to win, outcome still not decided, but a draw would be most likely.
  • vs. = versus, outcome cannot be foretold accurately because there are too many variables to analyze.
  • hp = high pawn, any pawn on the cross-riverbank rank (enemy's riverbank) or enemy pawn rank.
  • lp = low pawn, any pawn located on the enemy cannon rank or throat rank.
  • bp = bottom ranked pawn. Any pawn located on the enemy's bottom rank.

Note: To search for various endgame situations involving the pawn, please key the number of pawns only. For example, for a '2p(1hp1tp)' will be represented by '2p' only. If not, the site would be overloaded and runtime would slow down considerably. Keying in 'hp', 'lp' or 'tp' will not yield any search results.

For example, a single horse vs. a single advisor endgame situation would be coded as: "1h bw 1a.'' It would be a book win situation as long as you know to win. Pitting one chariot against an enemy full guard would be given as "1r vs. 2a2e". Positional wins are possible but draws are most likely. 'Hw' might used sometimes.

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