Introduction to Extremely Brilliant Xiangqi Manual 《极巧穷奇》

This book was published at the turn of the century by a publisher in Inner Mongolia. It was supposed to be an ancient manual written by Zhang Xiqiu (张希秋 zhāng xī qiū) who was supposed to have lived in the Ming Dynasty. He was also recorded to have played Xiangqi.

However, to the Webmaster's knowledge, this 'ancient manual' was not listed in the Encyclopedia of Chinese Xiangqi Manuals (《中国象棋谱大全》) which the Webmaster considers to be the authority on the topic. It was also NOT listed in Xie Xiaxun's Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals (象棋谱大全》). There was also no mention or discussion of the games in the book on the internet or periodicals to the Webmaster's knoweledge. Usually, the discovery of a new ancient manual would have caused an uproar in the Xiangqi community.

However, to give the publishers the benefit of the doubt, the Webmaster has decided to share the manual. The contents of the book include about 250 puzzles of acceptable skill level. They should benefit the beginner hoping to polish their skills in viewing the board.  

 There will be ten boards that will be uploaded per page unless specified.

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Have fun!

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